Day old hate. #cityandcolour

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My car leaks when it rains anyway. May as well sneak in a pic before I put her top up.

Timestamp: 1409521239

My new #janoskis! Now I can skate without seeing my toe pop out of my old Vans!

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#whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong #emmure

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Thinking about becoming a Beach Body coach. I wish I knew more people committed to living a fit life!

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L u x u r y

Timestamp: 1409190141

I look gross, and felt like shit, but had so much fun. #playersclub #riverscasino

Timestamp: 1409171398

I miss Pittsburgh.

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Timestamp: 1409104061

I miss my handsome boy so much. @barnstormerr

Timestamp: 1409067277

I won some gas money and lost nothing!
I even won $10 of free game play at the Pirates game! #pirates #bucs #cardinals #riverscasino

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Drew Leigh’s ‘88 M5 and ‘98 M3. Not a shabby stable. 

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